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53. David After Dentist

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Have you ever been to the dentists and had a serious dose of anaesthetic, so much that you feel a little woozy and dopey when you leave? Well this is exactly what happened to a seven-year-old boy called David in 2009. David had to have a tooth removed and on the way back in the car, his dad filmed him for a minute.

With over 130 million YouTube views, David is now a famous Internet star in his own right with his very own website ( He is famous simply because he was completely doped up on the anaesthesia and was filmed saying some very funny things in the car. We particularly liked these lines:

I feel funny.
Is this real life? (This is now a popular catchprase thanks to this video).
Now I have two fingers, no, four fingers.
I can't see anything.
I don't feel tired.
You have four eyes.
I feel funny.
What is this happening to me?!
Is this going to be forever?

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