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17. Daniel Radcliffe Playing Innuendo Bingo on Radio 1

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Each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon, Scott Mills and his comedy sidekick Chris Stark play Innuendo Bingo on Radio 1. Basically, it consists of Chris and another person (on this occasion Daniel Radcliffe off of Harry Potter) sitting opposite each other and filling their mouths with water.

They are then playing the game by listening to slightly rude clips where innuendo is clearly present, like 'bashing my biscuit', and if they find it funny, they spit water all over each other, with hilarious consequences.

Daniel Radcliffe gets absolutely soaked, because Chris Stark certainly has a fantastic spray, but then he does play this each week. One of the best clips is the travel news bulletin in the middle of Tony Blackburn's show on BBC Radio London where he asks Pippa Sparks 'To your knowledge, has any cyclist been blown off yet?' when it was a particularly windy day.

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