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64. The Dancing Traffic Light (Manikin by 'Smart')

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This is a very fun and light-hearted video, that enforces the need for pedestrians to wait patiently at traffic lights until the green man appears, so that they can then, and only then, safely cross the road.

The video starts off with the words 'Nobody likes to wait. That makes traffic lights the most dangerous spots for pedestrians in the city. But what if we made waiting a bit more fun?'

The guys at 'Smart' show how they were able to film people dancing and by using a computer, they managed to translate their funky moves into an actual pixelated red man who dances at the traffic lights. And what was the result we hear you asking loudly? Well, an impressive 81 percent more people actually stopped when the traffic light was red, to watch the rather mesmerising dancing man strutting his stuff. Good work promoting street safety 'Smart' people.

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