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Nia and Liv dressed as Dan and Phil, ish.It is difficult to describe Dan and Phil (Dan Howell and Phil Lester) as anything other than amazing. We absolutely love them and their 7-second challenge app game, where you have to do a simple task in just seven seconds.

Recently one of our friends even managed to meet them, when she went to their book signing in Bristol. Unfortunately we couldn't make it on that day, but she told us all about it and how they even commented on her hair! We like her hair as well, and theirs of course.

Many people know Dan and Phil for their award-winning show on Radio 1, which was originally called 'The Radio 1 Request Show', although they now host 'The Internet Takeover'. As they have such a big fanbase of young listeners, we've never really understood why it is on so late, at 21:00 on the first Monday every month. Previous features have included 'Fan Wars', 'Internet News', 'Dan vs Phil' (a bit like Nia vs Liv), 'Rehab Topic', 'Music Videos' and 'Sorry I Don't Know How to Internet'.

On other Mondays in the month, previous radio show hosts have included the likes of Zoella and Joe Sugg, Jim Chapman and Louise Pentland, Marcus Butler and Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee, Jack and Dean, Charlie McDonnell, Tomska, Rose and Rosie, and other famous Youtube vloggers and bloggers.

Liv has got their book 'The Amazing Book is Not on Fire', which is great and lots of fun. We've talked about them and their book on our podcast numerous times, and even dressed up as them for Halloween, with cat's whiskers on our faces.

Dan and Phil have separate YouTube channels, with Dan's channel being called 'danisnotonfire' (around 5.5 million subscribers), while Phil's is named 'AmazingPhil' (over 3 million subscribers). They also have a joint account where they play video games together, called 'DanAndPhilGAMES' (over 1.7 subscribers and growing). We're not so keen on watching them play video games, to be honest. And not forgetting their shop, which is full of goodies.

Liv has one of their famous 'Cat Whiskers' T-shirts, a Galaxy school bag (with their unique space nebula design) and a signed poster. Nia has an official Dan and Phil wristband (that Liv kindly gave her as a surprise present), a whiskers mug, and a set of rather cool face masks that we both like to 'wear and share' from time to time. They also sell their amazing llama and lion T-shirt and hats, Phansplosion and pixel phone cases, a pixel pencil case and an official calendar. And their comic book, drawn by the fair hand of Phil, is completely bonkers.

So don't forget to catch the Dan and Phil show on BBC Radio 1, every first Monday in the month, and check out their many, many silly YouTube videos. The recent Hunger Games interview with Jennifer Lawrence was brilliant.


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