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YouTube Video of the Week: Angry Ostrich Chasing Cyclists

Imagine if you were out and about on a pleasant cycle ride with your friend, and then all of a sudden, completely out of the blue, and ostrich appears from nowhere and starts chasing you down the road at full speed. Well, it would certainly make you pedal faster wouldn't it?!!

This is exactly what happened to two unsuspecting cyclists who were on holiday in South Africa, as part of the Cape Argus tour (one of the world's largest cycling events). The ostrich chased the cyclists for over a mile towards the Cape of Good Hope and reached speeds of up to 30 mph / 50 kmph, although apparently ostriches can run even faster than that.

The video soon started trending on YouTube, and it is easy to see why, because it is just so funny and so random. The cyclists breathed a sigh of relief when the ostrich finally decided to leave them alone. They both wondered if the big bird was perhaps just trying to impress a mate with his crazy antics, although he did look rather cross.

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