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Girl at the seaside, paddling in the seaPlease let us know your thoughts on our podcasts, and if there is anything in particular that you have enjoyed listening to. Perhaps you have a suggestion for one of our existing features, such as a funny YouTube video or a news headline that has caught your eye, or maybe you have an idea for a whole new segment that may well be a fun addition.

You may also like to contact us for a cheeky mention, to tell us what music you are listening to at the moment, or to send us some photos that might tickle our fancy. Have you got a funny story, has someone been rude to you this week for no reason, or do you have some top fashion or beauty tips for our growing army of avid listeners?

And of course, you probably want to email in to enter one of our current competitions to win yourself a tasty little prize. If you are entering a competition, don't forget to include the special code word, otherwise your entry just won't be any good, so if you don't know it, you'll have to listen to the latest NiliPOD podcast.

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