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Christmas Joke of the Week

Well, it is time for this week's seasonal joke. Are you ready to hear my hilarious 'festive funny' then Liv?

Yep, go for it Nia.

What did Adam say on the day before Christmas?

Don't know, what did Adam say on the day before Christmas?

It is Christmas, Eve!

Star Wars Christmas Joke

And this joke is all about Emperor Darth Vader and his son Luke, they are fighting with their lightsabers next to the Christmas tree.

Darth Vader starts to tease Luke and he says:

[BREATHY] Luke. Luke. I know what your sister Princess Leia has got you for Christmas!

Luke looks a bit confused and says 'No you don't. She didn't tell anyone what she got me'

Darth Vader replied 'Yes Luke. It is true. I know what she got you'

Luke starts to get annoyed and says 'But how do you know then?'

'Simple' says Darth Vader. 'I felt your presents'

Get it, as it's 'felt your presence'

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