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92. Christian The Lion - The Reunion Ending

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If you've never heard of Christian the lion, sit down and prepare yourself for a really magical true story. There are lots of videos about this wonderful animal on YouTube and this is perhaps the best, although it is worth knowing the background story first, so that you can fully appreciate just how incredible this handsome lion actually is.

In the late 1960s, two men (Anthony 'Ace' Berg and John Rendall) noticed a cute lion cub for sale in the Harrods department store of London. In those days, Harrods sold many exotic pets, although this is not allowed any more. The lion cub was sitting in a tiny cage and so they felt very sorry for it. Ace and John quickly decided to bring it home with them, calling it Christian.

The cub grew at an alarming rate and Christian was allowed to exercise in the walled graveyard of a local church. However, he soon became too big and boisterous for their small London basement flat, constantly trashing the furniture when he played. The men decided to try and reintroduce him to Africa, and with a lot of help from conservationist George Adamson (husband of Joy Adamson - author of Born Free starring Elsa the lioness), this ambitious dream became a reality.

Christian the lion was eventually set free in Kenya after much rehabilitation work and this video shows their truly incredible reunion just under a year later, where the grown-up lion runs towards Ace and John, excitedly jumping up to give them both a big animal hug. We've included another video showing a summary of the whole story, which is also extremely popular on YouTube.

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