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Playing the Celebrity Rhyme Time Game - Nia vs Liv

For this particular Nia vs Liv challenge, we had to play the marvellous Celebrity Rhyme Time game, where the clue describes both a celebrity and something that they are actually doing - and the two have to rhyme. For example, if the clue was '007 spy falls into a garden water feature' the answer would be 'James Bond falls in the pond' or something along those lines. It's a really simple game, but it does make you think and it most certainly stretches those old grey brain cells that need a good work out every now and again.

We've never actually played this game before and so we did struggle a little with some of the clues, although Liv got off to a flying start, what with Joe Sugg and Zoella's pugg. If you want to play along with us and guess the celebrity rhymes for yourself, get ready to pause the video before you hear us answer, and for a full breakdown of all the cryptic clues and answers, head over to the Nia vs Liv section of the website, which you can find within the Popular Features links.

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