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22. Cat Falls out of Window - Prank vs Prank

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There are so, so many really great Prank vs Prank videos to watch - with boyfriend Jesse Wellens and his girlfriend Jeana Smith, who just seem to love pranking each other all of the time.

When we first discovered this channel we literally watched everything on it - for a whole afternoon. Some are funnier than others, but this particular one is brilliant, and it has been watched by around 30 million people so far.

Jesse's girlfriend Jeana loves her cats, and their cat Nyla recently wandered out onto their upstairs windowsill, which really scared them as she nearly fell off. So when Jeana was out of town, Jesse got a cardboard cutout of their cat made and placed it on the windowsill. When Jeana arrived home and walked into the room, Jesse pretended that their cat had just fallen off, using his marvellous acting skills to look concerned and upset. She absolutely freaked out, because it looked so real. These guys are really mean to each other, but they are funny and such huge YouTube stars these days, with around 10 million subscribers. Great work guys!

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