NiliPod - Our Cartoon of David Beckham Playing Football

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Cartoon David Beckham Teaching Nia and Liv to Play Football / Soccer

We like hanging out with David Beckham, not because he is one of the best-looking men on the planet, but because he is Brooklyn's dad. Here you can see Golden Balls showing us how to kick a football on a soccer pitch and score a goal.

Cartoon Liv is very good with her ball control, because she is a natural at dribbling. David Beckham did get a bit cross with Nia at times, because she kept taking his picture with her iPhone and posting it on the NiliPOD Instagram account.

He didn't mind too much though, because he enjoyed saying that he had around 20 million followers on his Instagram account. Show off Becks! Pass some of your followers this way if you don't mind please.

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