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Hw to Plant a Desert Terrarium with Cactus Plants and Succulents

I have wanted a glass terrarium for so long now, and I'm not even sure why. I can only think that I saw a terrarium somewhere once and it must have stuck in my mind ever since, possibly in Urban Outfitters.

The problem with proper terrariums is that they are not cheap by any means, in fact, they are usually rather expensive, sadly. And so I thought that I'd never be able to afford one, that was until we were rummaging around in the loft one day and came across this amazing glass star-shaped lamp that was no longer being used.

With a bit of imagination and lots of extremely prickly cacti plants (ouch!) and succulents, I was able to plant it up and create a really stunning terrarium, and something quite unique and special - a real talking point. I made this 'How To' video for my YouTube channel in case anyone else wanted to have a go at making something like this, perhaps using a big jam jar, a wide-necked bottle or an old wine demijohn.

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