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30th September 2015


Teenage girls leaning against a brick wallWell, we have talked about it seemingly forever, and it is today that the NiliPOD is finally born. After much debate, we've chosen the name and have already made a long list of ideas for our podcasts, the first of which will be coming very, very soon.

So far, we've thought about having some fun and rather silly competitions, where you have to listen to win a prize - probably a chocolate bar or something similar that we can just post out to the lucky listener.

We also thought that we'd choose some recurring features that we could talk about each week or every other week, depending on what is going on in the world when we make the podcast.

On the list are movie reviews, TV shows that are on at the moment (such as The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and The Apprentice), a chart chat about new song releases and artists, and topical news (in our 'Good News' feature - jingle to come), covering both fun and slightly more serious topics - hopefully in an amusing way.

If there are any particularly funny YouTube videos that we've noticed, then we'll definitely give them a mention, together with some kind of challenges where we have to compete against each other over the months to come.

We have commissioned a proper 'professional' radio jingle for the start of our show, so hopefully we will get that soon, and if not for the first show, then definitely for the second.

Happy listening.

Nia and Liv XXX - two podcasting teen girls with a blog.

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