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YouTube Video of the Week: The 10 Different Types Of Best Friends!

This fun trending video shows a number of different kinds of best friends, by clearly illustrating the way that they act and what category they fall into. It's quite clever because it really does make you think not only about the way that your friends behave, but how you behave towards them and around them.

For example, are you a lazy best friend who takes forever to do things, or are you easily offended, comfortable, a fangirl or fanboy, or a gossiper who loves to talk about people's secrets?! Perhaps you are an honest friend, a sarcastic mate, a joker who thinks that they are hilariously funny, an Internet buddy who lives on their phone or iPad, or a loving friend who is always extremely considerate and caring?

Or maybe you are a hyper person who is extremely bubbly and full of endless amounts of energy, jumping around all of the time and being slightly annoying?

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