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Our Beach Vlog - Going to Lyme Regis and Vlogging

When it is the winter in England, the weather is usually nothing short of dreadful, and so when a sunny day arrives at the weekend, it is definitely a good reason to head straight for the beach. On this occasion, we decided to enjoy a day out at the famous fossil town of Lyme Regis.

This vlog shows us waking up in the morning, rather slowly, and getting ready for the long drive down to the beach. On the way we texted into Radio 1 and sang along with the songs in the car. When we eventually arrived in Lyme Regis, we popped off to the shops and then had a nice picnic lunch on the beach - hot sausage and chicken casserole. But the best bit was definitely lighting the roaring bonfire on the beach and toasting some marshmallows, which we used to make s'mores (melted marshmallows and chocolate, sandwiched in between two biscuits - we used digestives). And on the way home, freshly cooked battered jumbo sausages, together with some nice big portions of fish and chips, were the order of the day. We hope that you enjoy watching our beach vlog on our new high-quality vlogging camera. Lyme Regis is such a lovely seaside town, especially out of season in the winter months, when it is much quieter.

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