Top 100 YouTube Videos
46. BatDad Compilation

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Imagine what a strange world it would be if your father was actually BatMan? Well, this is exactly who one man called Blake thinks he is.

His daughter, Princess Sienna the Magnificent, seems to accept her father's alter ego and treats him as if he is any old dad, but his son Ben is not quite so sure about the whole BatMan daddy thing. One thing's for sure, his son does not like being called 'Bro', although he does like playing with their dog Lucy and her tail.

Our favourite part of this YouTube classic is when the son and dad are talking in the kitchen:
[Boy] Daddy, look I've got two balls.
[BatMan Dad] I used to have two balls.
[Boy] What happened?
[BatMan Dad] I married your mum!

We also really liked this line: 'Too old for toys, too young for boys!' Classic BatDad shenanigans.

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