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69. Ultimate Balloon Prank with Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee

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This is another of our most favourite ThatcherJoe videos. For this prank, Joe Sugg decides to fill his roommate Caspar Lee's bedroom with lots and lots of balloons. However, the plan is that the balloons are just acting as a bit of a decoy for the real prank, which involves friend and fellow YouTuber, Oli White.

After blowing up literally hundreds and hundreds of balloons, which took an eternity and kept them up all night, Joe and Oli finally finish at 10:00 in the morning, filling up Caspar's room with more than 1,000 balloons (1,060 to be precise). The prankster boys then set the scene with a box of cocktail sticks taped to the door, with a scrappy sign that simply says 'Please take one', complete with a smiley face beneath the words.

And then, Oli dresses up as a very scary clown, hiding underneath the mountain of balloons, ready to jump out and make little old Caspar scream. But does the plan actually work? In one word, YES! The prank war continues. There will be casualties...

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