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70. Baby Laughing at Ripping Paper

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You can spend lots of money buying wonderful presents for babies, at Christmas time and for their birthdays, but do they really appreciate it? Probably not, most are just as happy to play with the wrapping paper, as this extremely popular viral video shows.

Baby boy Micah was just eight months old when this video was filmed and he is shown sitting on the sofa, with a piece of paper in his hands. Every time that his dad rips up the paper, little Micah roars uncontrollably with laughter as if this is perhaps the funniest thing in the world, ever.

And what makes this video even funnier, the piece of paper is actually a job rejection letter that his dad received, and so the daddy is enjoying ripping it up just as much as Micah. The fun continues for almost two minutes, while Micah's sister Maisy has also made an appearance on this YouTube channel, laughing when her daddy pretends to sneeze.

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