Top 100 YouTube Videos
9. Baby Panda Sneezing

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What is so funny about this video is that the mummy panda bear is happily munching away on a nice piece of bamboo, and then all of a sudden it jumps when it gets the fright of its life - its baby sneezes.

Many people watch this viral video and mistakenly think it is the mummy panda that is actually sneezing, but if you watch it closely, it is not the mummy at all, it is the baby lying on the hay. Keep watching for a slow-motion replay at the end, which captures their priceless reactions in all their glory.

We think that this video was filmed at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. This zoo-like tourist attraction boasts more than 150 births, a huge captive population, and an impressive conservation and education centre.

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