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Pile of pancakes on plateThere's absolutely no need to wait for Shrove Tuesday to arrive to make pancakes. There should never be an excuse to make these and most homes will have all the ingredients necessary for this recipe.

It is very easy to go wrong when making pancakes, and if you don't follow these steps carefully, you may find that your first one or two will stick in the frying pan. This can easily be avoided by using a good-quality non-stick frying pan, heating it up so that it is very hot, and greasing it with either oil or butter, before you add any mixture.

When we make pancakes, we sometimes sprinkle some blueberries or dried raisins on the top, although with this particular recipe, it is all about the humble apple.

Recipe Ingredients

1 cup of plain white flour
1 cup of milk (full-fat or skimmed is fine)
3 eggs
1 large apple (Granny Smith's are perfect)
1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder


Coarsely grate the apple (including the skin) into a small dish and put to one side. Combine all of the other recipe ingredients together in a large mixing bowl - the flour, milk, eggs and cinnamon powder. Stir until you have created a smooth batter and then mix in the grated apple.

The secret to making good pancakes is to ensure that your frying pan is hot before you start, pre-heating well on a medium to hot temperature. Grease the pan with a little cooking oil (vegetable oil / rapeseed oil is perfect) and then use a ladle to evenly add your pancake batter into the frying pan.

As soon as the pancake is cooked, use a spatula to flip it over and briefly cook the other side, before tipping it onto a plate, ready to eat. We sometimes like to cook up some slices of apple in another pan with syrup, so that we can serve it on the side, perhaps with a spoonful of yoghurt or ice cream, and maybe a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.

Photo of breakfast pancakes with apple slices

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