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11. Flashmob Dancers in the Antwerp Train Station - Do Re Mi

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Flashmobs come and go, but this is one of the very best, and one of the earliest, being filmed for a Belgian TV commercial at the end of 2010. It takes place in the Antwerp train station and starts off with Julie Andrews blaring out on the speakers, singing 'Do Re Mi' from the Sound of Music.

Slowly, the dancers appear from the crowd and begin to join in the choreography, and before you know it, there are hundreds and hundreds of people singing, dancing and leaping around the train station, being watched by some extremely confused onlookers.

It is the reactions of these onlookers that is the funniest part, with some filming the flashmob dancers on their mobile phones, some clapping and others even trying their very best to join in with the fun and frolics. And at the end, it all finishes very quickly and everybody disappears into the train station, as if they are off to catch a train or purchase some tickets.

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