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86. True Facts About the Angler Fish

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This video is really well put together and it starts off looking rather like a professional wildlife documentary, that is until the man begins his farcical narration. If you watch the film, you will learn some truly interesting facts about an angler fish, things like...

'To hunt, the angler fish waves things in front of its mouth that prey is attracted to. Here it waves a lovely pashmina shawl - just the size for an unsuspecting shrimp. Here one presents... a decorative hat feather. Sadly, the shrimps and their vanity pay the ultimate price for this - death!' It is all so silly, but done in such a serious way that it is irony at its very best.

Be sure to check out some of the other videos on this popular YouTube channel (Zefrank1). These include 'Sad Cat Diary' and 'Teddy Has An Operation', as well as some more true facts videos about the owl, the cuttlefish, baby echidnas, the sea pig, the mantis shrimp, the octopus and even Morgan Freeman himself. They are all very interesting and truly fascinating at times, and we highly recommend them.

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