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YouTube Video of the Week: Prank vs Prank, Aladdin Magic Carpet in San Francisco

Prank vs Prank is a huge channel on YouTube and its videos quickly gain literally millions of views. The stars of the show are Jessie and Jeana (boyfriend and girlfriend), who regularly annoy each other with their silly, juvenile pranks.

In this trending video, it is clear that no expense was spared in the making, since the filming quality and production is clearly extremely professional, with drone cameras and some great filming angles. Jesse is basically using a Booster Board (battery powered, electric skateboard), which is covered with a large piece of wood and a 'flying carpet' mat, which sits just a couple of inches off the ground.

The mat's frilly edges disguise the skateboard lurking beneath and with Jesse onboard, posing as Aladdin, it actually does look very realistic. Of course, a lot of the fun is watching the confused passersby and their double takes, as they clearly can't believe what they are seeing - an actual flying carpet, in the heart of San Francisco.

Jesse dresses up in a very good Aladdin costume, complete with purple waistcoat, baggy trousers and red fez hat, and sets off on his magic flying carpet to rescue his sweetheart, Princess Jasmine (played by an actress, sadly not Jeana). The stunning scenery of San Francisco and the gorgeous views has really resulted in something very professional, with funny amateur touches to remind us that this is, after all, just a very popular YouTube channel and not a Walt Disney production.

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