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56. Adele at the BBC - When Adele Did Impersonation of Herself

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Adele is an incredible superstar and one of the biggest in existence. The great thing about this extraordinary artist is how she transitions from cockney barrow girl to world-class singer - in an instant. Her speaking voice and her singing voice are like they are from two different people, and her laugh is incredibly infectious.

Generally liking to keep a fairly low profile, Adele shot back into the limelight following the release of her single 'Hello' towards the end of 2015, with her best-selling album known simply as '25' appearing in many people's Christmas stockings that year. In this video on the BBC's YouTube channel, she joins Graham Norton to pull off a bit of a funny prank.

She is disguised by the BBC makeup department with a fake nose and chin, a different hairstyle and long gloves to cover the tattoos on her arms, and then she enters an actual Adele contest with some fellow impersonators. But who is the best singer, and will the other 'contestants' rumble Adele when it's her turn? In short, yes they do! Her voice is so distinctive that it is quite recognisable whatever she looks like, but she does do a good job of keeping them guessing... 'Is it really her? No, it can't be!'

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