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Silly picturesThis whole thing, website and podcast, is something that we have talked about for ages and ages, and finally, on a very memorable Saturday afternoon while we were out shopping for bags, we thought that it was about time we finally did something about it. It is so easy to talk about these things, but far more difficult to actually commit to doing something.

Arguably the most important thing was what we were going to call it, that is the website url and the actual podcast itself. We talked about this for hours and hours, and it was a really hot day as well.

It was going to be called the NiaLiv Pod, or the LivNia Pod, and then we thought about the LiNi Pod, not to mention some really obscure ideas like the HedgePOD, the CodSquadPOD or the QuadPOD, which might have been good if there were four of us, but of course, it's just us two. So, NiliPOD it was and is. It was surprisingly easy to choose in the end, once we came up with this name, pretty much because the rest of the suggestions were so rubbish and just plain bad.

We both share an enormous love for Dan and Phil, and so we were certainly inspired by their absurd nuttiness and crazy antics. Their YouTube videos are awesome! We also love Miranda Hart - 'What have you done today to make me feeeeeel proud?!' In many, many ways, we are actually quite similar to Dan and Phil, although they are boys and we are girls, and they are much, much older than us as well!

About Nia

Photo of Nia at the NiliPODI live just round the corner from Liv and we have been best friends for a couple of years now, and long may it continue. It is never quiet when we get together, that's for sure.

My interests are photography, fashion, music, birds, reading in my bedroom, playing on my iPad, wild animals, cute guinea pigs, fish and sunny days. I love all things related to YouTube, along with going to the cinema, and enjoying an afternoon wandering around town and window shopping - ideally without spending any cash.

About Liv

Photo of Nia at the NiliPODI live just round the corner from Nia and when we're not together, we're usually messaging each other on the phone, via SnapChat. We met through a mutual friend and then started walking home from school together, simple as that really and truly. In the summer we went to Lyme Regis and had a barbecue on the beach with some juicy sausages, which was brilliant.

My interests are quite varied and random, ranging from reading and watching funny TV programmes (I adore Adventure Time), to hanging out in the playground and going to shopping malls when it is raining. I am currently studying media at school and am planning to do something related to radio when I grow up into a big girl, whenever that may be - if ever.

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