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Playing Dan and Phil's 7 Second Challenge with Nia and Zena

If you've never, ever played the Dan and Phil 7 Second Challenge, then what's going on with you?! It is so much fun to play if you are hanging out with a friend and you have a phone or iPad handy. Basically, Dan and Phil liked to play challenges with each other on YouTube and they had so many crazy ideas that they decided to turn them all into an app - and this app has been downloaded and played literally hundreds of thousands of times ever since.

I've been a Phan girl for quite a while now and have some of their merchandise, like their calendars, bags, posters, the 'Book Is Not On Fire' book, Phil's incredible AmaZINEPhil comic and stuff like that. But this app was one of the first Dan and Phil related things that I ever purchased and I've played it dozens of times with friends and family. Basically, you have just seven seconds to carry out some silly challenge or task, and then you both get to decide if you 'Failed It' or 'Nailed It'. You film yourself on the phone as you play, and when the game finishes, the app is so clever that it adds all of your clips together and makes a little movie for you to watch back.

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